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Ok, it seems that some people don't get the message when it comes to this community. Now i'll make it nice and clear:

This community is for REAL METAL lovers only, meaning that NU-METALheads (fans/ supporters of KITTIE, KORN, LIMP BIZKIT, CREED, NICKLEBACK, MARYLIN MANSON, SLIPKNOT, etc) have NOTHING TO DO HERE! This community is meant for fans/ supporters of BLACKMETAL, DEATHMETAL, VIKINGMETAL, THRASHMETAL, POWERMETAL, TRUE-HEAVYMETAL etc)

If you're still confused, take a look at the interests section.

Other than that this community was created for all you metalheads (listed above; both male and female) who would like to show yourselves off or anything else that you can possibly think of.

Enjoy! And remember that beauty is a good thing but it's not everything.